Save our Green Wedge

The Aspendale Gardens, Waterways and Braeside Park slice of Green Wedge is an unspoilt region that is safe and accessible for all. The young, the elderly, families and disabled people enjoy these beautiful open spaces because of their accessibility and location.

The threat of a large multilane freeway cutting through the wetlands, spewing carbon and noise, radically altering and destroying aquatic habitats of migrating birds to the Carrum Carrum Swamp areas and indigenous fauna will devastate this beautiful small slice of heaven.

The Aspendale Gardens, Waterways and Braeside Park slice of Green Wedge is within close reach to residents and schools. The region acts as an outdoor classroom and mecca for birdwatchers nearby. Students travel from across all regions of Melbourne to enjoy Braeside Park habitat and isolation. Equally international visitors travel to watch the migration of birds and settling of species across the region being threatened.

Used by locals and visitors alike, the area is home to dog walkers, ramblers, bike riders and nature lovers. A series of tracks wrap through and around the region allowing people to enjoy open, quiet and natural spaces.

A proposed freeway will run straight through the Aspendale gardens and Waterways Slice of Greenwedge and along the western side of Melbourne’s  most prized natural reserve, Braeside Park. The proposed freeway will not only impact on the animals that live here, but the reason why so many frequent this area, for peace, silence and a feel of retreating back to nature.

The Save our Green Wedge petition calls to local council and our politicians on all sides to protect the Aspendale Gardens, Waterways and Braeside Green Wedge. It also calls for a stop to threatening the South East Green Wedge.

We have destroyed so much already and changed the natural water courses and wetlands in this area. By signing this petition you will send a message to local politicians in support of maintaining environmental diversity within this important region and say no to building another freeway, multi development and rezoning of  the Green Wedge.

Sign this petition to send a message of equal if not stronger support against those that seek to build and develop Green Wedge land in Kingston.

Your support will ensure that our children’s, children can continue to enjoy the open spaces, natural wonders and animal life in the Kingston region for decades to come.


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