Wetlands are just as Productive

Wetlands are among the most productive and most threatened ecosystems in the world. Friends of Edithvale and Seaford Wetlands

In just over a week we have nearly 150 supporters signed. We want to reach up to 300 hundred before we begin a localised news campaign.  We must continue to send a strong message to our local representatives. The Green Wedge needs greater protections and   to preserve it for future generations.

Those that want to build a freeway through our Green Wedge (not freeway reservation), say it takes too long to travel between Springvale Road and White Street. They want a big, polluting multilane freeway built right through part of the South Eastern Green Wedge.

Why? To make travelling more convenient. That’s 10 minutes, for the potential loss and disruption of thousands of years of bird migration, habitat growth and un spoilt fauna.

We don’t have an impact statement by the supporters of this proposed freeway on the migrating sharp-tailed sandpipers or the Australasian bittern (listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). Some of the birds that travel to this region have flown for thousands of Kilometers, from Asia. The last thing they want is a dirty, stinking, multilane freeway plonked right in the middle of their decent.

Help send a message to those in power that we are opposed to building freeways on our Green Wedges. These spaces need to be protected. Sign the change.org petition and stop the threat of a multilane freeway being built through more Green Wedge.


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