A victory for South Eastern defenders of the Green Wedge

Great news – South East Defenders of the Green Wedge were successful in a VCAT appeal against Frankston Council’s approval of the massive Place of Worship complex in Carrum Downs.

At VCAT on 13th of Feb over two days SEDGW appealed Frankston Council’s decision to approve a massive 3,500 seat place of worship on the corner of Boundary and Frankston Dandenong Roads, Carrum Downs.  The $15M development spared no expense or legal representation; It was a real David and Goliath encounter.

The Tribunal accepted the argument that this development did not qualify as a Place of Worship and was therefore prohibited.  Disappointingly, the Tribunal did not agree with SEDGW arguments about the development not meeting the Planning Scheme Green Wedge protection measures.  Nonetheless, a win is a win.

It will now be open to the applicants if they wish to challenge the VCAT decision in the Supreme Court.  In the meantime, we celebrate.

Well done all those involved.

Frankston Times 27Feb17

Frankston Leader 6Mar17



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