The economic argument for the Mordialloc Freeway

Its not in the interest of local residents

It has been argued that freeways bring economic prosperity to our cities and people. This argument seeks to rattle our collective piggybanks and remind us that we should be more successful, more economically conscious and supportive of new development that will enable us to reach new heights.

The PTUA argues that suburbs with the most freeways are also the ones with the highest unemployment. The article linked above draws attention to the fact that freeways will not have a direct impact on the level of prosperity. This article questions us to ask, ‘Will the Mordialloc Freeway assist our local residents to become more prosperous?” The simple answer is no.

To help quantify this we must look at examples not just in Melbourne but abroad.


But what about the health, social and wellbeing costs of urban sprawl and in particular the consumption of urban bush, wetlands and grasslands that operate as a natural sieve across our beautiful city and remind us of where we came from and what we have lost.

These matters are equally important considering.



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